Exciting news comes to shore this Fall at the Life Time Tri San Diego with the announcement from the ITU adding Mixed Relays to the program of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For most triathletes, it is a badge of honor to complete a triathlon on your own or to take it to the next level with Ironman intensity. Yet relays play a big part in driving registration as it allows you the same experience with a third of the work and double the companions.

According to Triathlete magazine, “Mixed relay has recently become popular due to the lead changes and the spectator-friendly events that allow for a smaller footprint.” In a world often stigmatized for its exclusivity, the inclusion of Mixed Relays to the foray will allow a new generation of athletes the opportunity to venture into the world of triathlon. While the 2017 Life Time Tri:San Diego event taking place this Fall on October 15 will still have the traditional relay format as a race option, the Mixed Relay option is sure to make waves! Read more on the format and details surrounding the new race division below.


What is a Mixed Relay?

Mixed Relay teams are comprised of four competitors. Each competitor will complete a super sprint triathlon course one right after the other.  In other words, one team member will complete the super sprint triathlon course (swim, bike, run) before tagging the next team member who will then complete the super sprint course and so on until the fourth team member crosses the finish line.  Timing begins when the first team member begins the swim and ends when the last team member crosses the finish line!

SuperSprint Leg Distances

  • Swim: .24 miles
  • Bike: 6.35 miles
  • Run:  1.65 miles


Team Categories

While teams in Tokyo will be strictly comprised of two men and two women, Life Time Tri San Diego is opening up the field for three different team categories:

  • Traditional:: Two Men, Two Women (Racing: Female, Male, Female, Male)
  • All Male: 4 Men
  • All Female: 4 Women

Open to first time triathletes as well as seasoned veterans, this racing format fosters teamwork and camaraderie in a previously very individual sport.

Registration for the 2017 Life Time Tri San Diego event is now open. Register now!